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Disposable Lunch Box Buying Guide

We are disposable food containers manufacturer in China

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Biodegraded cup bowl box fast food container manufacturer & supplier - Anhui Cow Environmental Protection Products Co.,Ltd. has been engaged in the biodegradable tableware industry for more than 10 years and the goods have been enjoying great popularity in the world market.

Different kinds of disposable food containers are available in our company.  Our disposable lunch box containers are healthy, non-toxic, tasteless, water-oil proofing and 100% biodegradable. 

If you want to buy disposable bento boxes, burger boxes, catering boxes in bulk, here you will get a better price than Amazon and Alibaba under the same quality. 


Whether you are operating a concession stand, restaurant, or any other food store, or your foodservice business is based on takeaway, offering takeaway options, or you have to transport food to the venue, food storage or takeaway packaging is required, and you must use high-quality containers to store and transport food.

High-quality takeaway packaging prevents sauce overflow and packaging leakage. However, terrible things often happen. When customers choose to pack their food away or they choose to place an online order to order a takeaway service, they come home and open the takeaway package to start enjoying the delicious food. Unfortunately, the takeaway packaging did not separate the seasoning from the main dish, and the seasoning has been sprinkled on everything in the box. Most importantly, the fat in this dish has started to leak out of the box, causing confusion and making customers wonder if they will order from this restaurant again.

About Our Disposable Food Containers

The disposable lunch box has a body and a tightly fitting lid, designed to prevent spills and leaks. Our containers can be safely used in refrigerators and microwave ovens, making them reliable products, healthy and environmentally friendly. Whether you want to store leftover food or prepare for an upcoming event, our deli boxes are available in a variety of different sizes, with a wide range of product styles to meet different needs.
Home use
When food needs to be prepared, disposable food containers are very suitable for organizing food. For example, if you want to prepare bread-like poultry or fish, put egg dipping sauce, flour, bread crumbs and other seasonings in a small container. These disposable food containers are also very suitable for mixing ingredients to prepare dips and seasonings. Although your kitchen may be equipped with various sizes of mixing bowls, don't forget that disposable food containers provide a quick choice in those busy work or unexpected meal preparations.

Takeaway packaging
The many uses of disposable food containers are not limited to the kitchen! For any foodservice establishment that provides takeaway, takeaway supplies are indispensable. They are ideal for packing leftovers or takeaway orders. Customers can drive home, knowing that the container lid will not pop out with the slightest jolt. They are designed to lock in heat, so the food does not cool down when travelling home. Likewise, its clear and transparent lid makes it easy to identify orders. For soups and other foods that need to be heated, just put the entire container in the microwave. Think about it without worrying about the problem of food getting cold, heating does not produce toxic substances, environmental protection, health and pollution-free.

Clamshell Takeaway Boxes

Clamshell Takeaway Boxes are usually made out of sugarcane pulp and bagasse, environmentally friendly and healthy. Clamshell takeaway boxes include regular clamshell takeaway boxes, as well as  2 compartment clamshell takeaway boxes and 3 compartment clamshell takeaway boxes, which can separate the food without smelling each other. The color is white or natural, with no additives in natural primary colors. Smooth to the touch, water and oil proof can be used in microwave ovens, can be refrigerated, and the applicable temperature range is -20 ℃ ~ 120 ℃.

It can be used for food packaging such as noodles, rice, fruit, curry, etc. The lid is stable and sturdy, with reinforced design, anti-extrusion and not easy to be damaged. It can be transported by stacking multiple clamshell takeaway boxes containing food, and can withstand the bumps of takeout, safe and stable. The lunch box has no peculiar smell and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The thoughtful clamshell design makes it easy to open and close the lid.
Clamshell Takeaway Boxes
Biodegradable Clamshell Containers
Sugarcane Bagasse Containers
Bagasse Hamburger Box

Sugarcane Tray

The depth and size of the tray have a variety of styles, and the design is divided so that the food and cuisine are not affected by other soups. Use and take-out delivery are more at ease.

The lid has a small handle, which is easy to open and easy to use. The lid is firmly buckled on the box, the lid is tight, the seal is good, and it is not easy to leak. The staggered lattice chassis design has better compression resistance and is not easy to deform.
Sugarcane Tray home preservation. The lid is tightly sealed and has good pressure resistance. It can store food in the refrigerator and save space in the refrigerator, and the smell will not leak.

Sugarcane Tray for the takeaway delivery. The staggered lattice chassis design has better compression resistance and is not easy to deform. Tolerate bumps. It can be used for Weibo heating, with a temperature resistance of -20℃~120℃.

Sugarcane Tray for food packaging in supermarkets and stores. It can be used for the packaging of meat and vegetable dishes. Trays without lids can be used, and the food is packed in cling film. The food is clear. The bottom has a non-slip shading to facilitate the display of food on the shelf.
Disposable Meal Tray With Lid
Eco Friendly Sugarcane Meat Tray
Disposable Food Trays With Compartments

Biodegradable Sugarcane Rectangle Tray

Kraft Food Take Out Boxes


Kraft food takes out boxes have a variety of styles, including conventional types, clamshell designs, transparent skylights, etc.


The four flaps of kraft food take out boxes can be covered and sealed without glue. When dining, four flaps can be easily ripped. Each type of lunch box has a variety of capacities to choose from.


kraft food takes out boxes for take-out, suitable for pasta, fried food and salads, etc. kraft food take out boxes can directly contact with food without oil leakage and deformation.


Kraft food take out boxes with transparent lids and clear windows are very suitable for cupcakes and other foods. The pvc window on the top can display your delicious food.

Kraft Food Take Out Boxes

Kraft Lunch Box With Clear Lid
Kraft Lunch Box With Windows
Clamshell Kraft Lunch Box

Sugarcane Takeaway Boxes

The sugarcane takeaway boxes is a great choice for any restaurant. These containers are made of sugarcane pulp and bagasse, which is harmless to the environment and can be discarded with food waste. They are very suitable for carrying moist and hot foods, which can be refrigerated in the refrigerator or heated in the microwave. It has the properties of blistering resistance and good recovery performance, making it the best environmentally friendly tableware to replace cornstarch tableware.
Our sugarcane takeaway boxes includes oval sugarcane bowl, square sugarcane bowl,  round sugarcane bowl and sugarcane bowl with lid.
Oval Sugarcane Bowl
Square Sugarcane Bowl
Round Sugarcane Bowl
Sugarcane Bowl With Lid
More Products


Disposable Salad Bowl

Disposable salad bowls are made of 100% compostable, all-natural plant sugars. Our disposable salad bowls are the perfect solution for restaurants, delis and markets.

The disposable salad box is made of water-resistant kraft paper, which is very suitable as a lunch box. The transparent lid allows you to see the food and makes it look delicious. Very suitable for salads, pies, sandwiches, etc.


Disposable Soup Cups With Lid

The material of Compostable soup containers with lids is strong, and the lid and bowl can ensure a close fit and prevent overflow. It can be used for hot soup or iced drinks. Home use can be used to hold ice cream made. The recommended temperature for Disposable soup cups is between -20 degrees Celsius and 100 degrees Celsius. Disposable soup cups with lid are oil- and leak-proof, so the outside will never get wet. The cover is available with transparent cover and regular cover. There are small holes on the top to hold hot soup and release hot air to prevent moisture from accumulating inside, and the soup will not spill out.


Disposable Bento Box With Lid

Biodegradable lunch box container, durable and high quality. The rigid structure with compartments is designed for different types of food.


We are committed to producing a variety of disposable environmentally friendly tableware, each of which has no less than ten specifications and a variety of styles. We provide services to a wide range of restaurants, delicatessen, etc., aiming to improve the service quality of businesses and provide customers with high-quality products. Our products are not limited to this, if you do not find what you want, please contact us!


Disposable Salad Bowl
Disposable Soup Cups With Lid
Disposable Bento Box With Lid
Disposable Lunch Box With Lid
Some questions you might want to know

Is the product 100% biodegradable?
Our products are made of bio-based degradable materials without any non-degradable materials, which can completely degraded within 90 days and non-pollution to the natural environment.


How to ensure the safety of the product?
Every batch of our raw materials will be strictly tested for harmful substances, and any harmful chemicals will not be added in the production process. In addition, we will conduct metal detection and disinfection before packaging the finished products, so as to ensure the safety of the products to the greatest extent.

How to confirm the Product Quality before placing orders?
You could get free sampels from us to test the quality, you just need to pay the shipping cost or use your own courier, then we will arrange the samples according to your requests at once, ensure you could receive it within the shortest time.

What's your MOQ ?
50000 pcs

What is your terms of payment?
T/T 30% as deposit, the balance to paid against the copy of B/L, besides we will show you all photos about the shipment.

What is your terms of delivery?

How about your delivery time?
Normally, we could make shipment whithin 7-15 days after receiving your deposit, which depends on the items and quantity of your order.

How to deal with the complaint from customers?
To avoiding any mistakes, we will control every procedure of our production strictly, if you have problem about our service and quality, please contact with us any time, we will solve it in time and offer 24 hours on-line service.



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