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With superiority of healthy, non-toxic, tasteless, water-oil proofing and 100% biodegradable, the sugarcane bagasse biodegradable tableware ware widely used in catering, supermarket, food and medicine fields. 

Pulping Process 

In order to improve the toughness of the product, we use high quality short fiber pulp such as sugarcane pulp as the main raw material, and mix it with the others materials according to a certain churn degree and a certain concentration.About the Pulping process, soaking sugarcane pulp is the first step , and then raw material needs to be broken up by the hydraulic turbine pulper,so that the fiber can be separated and saponified to improve the binding capacity of the fiber.During this period, relevant supplementary materials should be added into so as to improving the high temperature and water resistance of the product.
Molding Process
The molding process is making raw pulp into a certain shape which is half wet and semifinished products, and this is the key procedure in the process, about 95% of the water in the pulp is discharged when molding. Therefore, it plays a decisive role for the product quality, energy consumption and the production efficiency and breakage. The molding quality depends on the forming machine, molding mode, the structure, the mold quality and the the original pulp etc.
Moulding Pressing and Drying and Process 
Using the professional mold machine to remove the water in the pulp tableware prototype for reducing the drying dehydration cost, that is called moulding pressing. Drying is the use of the heat which is from copper mold to heat the product to remove the remaining moisture from the product ,it`s also a disinfection process. Due to lots of thermal energy consumption in baking process, the thermal energy consumption is about 300 times compared with forming dehydration costs, so we should design the whole baking process reasonable to save cost, it has become the main ways for the pulp tableware enterprises to improve the economic benefit.
Shaping and Trimming Process
This process is molded with hot extrusion forming, and then press polish to eliminate the network marks during the molding process, which will make the internal and external surface smooth.According to the demand of different customers, it also can be customized by marking given words and pattern. At the same time, cutting the burr on the edge of the tableware, and Make the product more perfect and beautiful.
The Advantages of Paper Pulp Tableware Products

Tableware use the 100% annual growth, such as bagasse pulp of non-wood plant fibers as raw material, through the high and new science and technology, with food-grade waterproof and oil resistant additives, make pulp tableware has the following advantages:
1.Resisting hot oil and boiling water, not seepage
2.Conserving resources and protecting the environment.
3.In the process of production, no pollution but only steam emissions.It is “coming from nature, and back to the nature”.

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