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How to choose disposable paper cups?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-23      Origin: Site

How to choose a disposable paper cup, first of all depends on its appearance. Generally, paper cups should be sealed in plastic packaging bags, and the packaging bags should not be damaged. Try to choose paper cups with thick and strong walls. Secondly, look at the logo. The product packaging should indicate the name and address of the manufacturer, the implementation standard of the product, the date of production, and the expiry date. Consumers should try to choose the most recent product. Then the quality of the paper cup can be distinguished by the feel, smell, etc. Let me take a look at several common methods and precautions!

The colour of paper cups

First of all, look at whether the color of disposable paper cups is very white. Many people think that very white looks very comfortable, but the fact is that some paper cup manufacturers add a lot of fluorescent brighteners to make the paper cups look whiter. Once these harmful substances enter the human body, they become potential carcinogens. If you want to know how to simply tell whether you add too much brightener, when you choose a paper cup, it is best to look at the paper cup through the light. If the paper cup is blue under fluorescent light, it can prove that the fluorescent agent in the paper cup exceeds the standard, so consumers should use it with caution. Paper cups should be selected not only for their clean appearance but also for their natural color. Anhui Cow Environmental Protection's biodegradable paper cup hereby promise that the paper cups produced will never contain fluorescent agents and other substances that are harmful to the health of consumers, and have natural colors. We are conscientious products and provide products of the best quality.

Hardness of paper cups

Pinch the stiffness of the cup body. If the cup is soft and collapsed, the cup may be deformed or leaked after pouring the juice or beverage. In severe cases, the paper cup may not stand up and affect the use. Consumers can imagine that some manufacturers make disposable paper cups like this, which saves much in cost compared to cups made by regular manufacturers. When consumers buy disposable paper cups, they can generally feel the stiffness of the cup by gently squeezing both sides of the cup with their hands. Generally speaking, high-quality paper cups can hold water for 72 hours without leaking, while poor-quality paper cups will leak for half an hour.

Our Eco green paper cups have been tested many times to prove that the cup remains firm after being poured into the drink for 24 hours without soaking the cup, leaking the drink, or cracking the cup, so consumers can buy it comfortably.

The smell of paper cups

Take the cup and smell it gently with your nose. If you can smell heavy ink or musty smell caused by improper storage of disposable paper cups, or other pungent odors, the cups should be discarded quickly and not used.

If the cup has a serious ink smell, it is definitely not a food-grade ink. If it is an industrial ink, it contains benzene and toluene. Disposable paper cups are stacked with 25-100 pieces when they are packed. If you use industrial-grade ink, the paper cups will definitely stick to the inner wall of the cup when stacked, which is not good for your health.

Mold in disposable paper cups will produce mold, which will inevitably affect consumers' bodies through beverages. Poyang Xingchen paper cups are printed with water-based inks and have a shelf life of up to 5 years. In the warehouse where the cups are stacked, the air is dry and not humid, with good ventilation equipment, and the cups will not appear moldy. There is no ink smell and no influence on the taste of the drink due to the cup. In addition, when the paper cups are stacked together, the ink on the outside of the paper cup will affect the inner layer of the packaged paper cup. Therefore, when buying disposable printed paper cups, it is best to choose paper cups with no ink or less printing.

Printing position

The cup should not be printed within 15mm from the cup body and the bottom of the cup within 10mm from the cup body, and the whole body should not be printed! In order to avoid taking the harmful substances on the pattern into your mouth when drinking water, you should pay attention to the printing position when choosing!

disposable single wall paper cuplogo printed eco friendly paper cup

Coating of paper cups

Disposable paper cups are paper containers made from wood pulp into base paper and then processed. There are generally two types of coatings on the inner wall of the paper cups, one is waxed paper cups, and the other is PE coated paper cups.

Some low-quality wax-coated paper cups use industrial wax in the wax layer, which is harmful to the human body. Generally, these paper cups have a little peculiar smell. The wax layer on the inside of the regular and qualified disposable paper cups is all edible wax, which is non-toxic and insoluble in water. It can be discharged in the body after a small amount of consumption. However, the melting point of edible wax is indeed low, and it will be more stable between 0°-5°. The biggest safety hazard of using cold drink cups to hold hot drinks is that when the wax layer gradually melts, the cup body will soften and deform after contact with water. Sprinkling of water may burn yourself.

PE film (PE) paper cup is covered with a layer of PE film on the inner wall of the paper cup, which is very smooth and can play the role of waterproof and oil proof. This kind of material is odorless, non-toxic, and feels like wax. Its melting point is between 120°-140°, and the boiling point of water is 100°, so it will not dissolve in water and it is safer to use. Most of the disposable paper cups are single-layer coated (PE) paper cups, that is, only the inner wall of the paper cup has a coated film, but the outer wall does not.

Therefore, it is not recommended to be used for cold drinks, because it is easy to form condensed water on the outer wall of the cup when cold drinks are served. The condensed water will easily soften the cup body and decrease its stiffness.

Summary notes:

Paper cups are easy to distinguish, but do not mix cold and hot paper cups.

The two kinds of paper cups are not suitable for holding alcoholic beverages. Alcohol has strong permeability and is easy to cause leakage. The longer the time, the more leakage.

Do not use disposable paper cups repeatedly, as the stiffness will decrease. In particular, there is a risk of scalding with hot drinks.


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