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Anhui Cow Environmental Protection Products Co.,Ltd has been engaged in biodegradable tableware industry for more than 10 years and the goods have been enjoying great popularity in world market.We serve more than 200 customers in the international market.

We are a national hi-tech environmental protection enterprise which was devoted to developing, producing and selling of natural 100% biodegradable tableware ( clamshell box, bowl, plate, tray ,CPLA cutlery ,paper tableware ,compostable bag ), using sugarcane, corn starch as raw material.        
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Our factory was next to Shanghai, Nanjing, and Ningbo delivery port, many offices were set up because of convenient transportation and geographical advantage.
With superiority of healthy, non-toxic, tasteless, water-oil proofing and 100% biodegradable, the sugarcane bagasse biodegradable tableware ware widely used in catering, supermarket, food and medicine fields. It is key green industry was supported and encouraged by our country. Our products have the adaptability of common plastic and also could be degraded totally in natural environment, it was the indispensible green products in our daily life, which could eliminate the white pollution and protect our ecological environment.