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Bagasse Boxes - Sugarcane Boxes

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What are Bagasse Boxes?

Plastic products are ubiquitous in human society, and they are widely used in the manufacture of polyester clothing, outdoor furniture, and food containers. Data show that in 2018 alone, the global production of plastics was about 360 million tons, and consumption is still growing rapidly. At the same time, more than 90% of plastic products end up in garbage dumps or the natural environment. It takes more than 400 years to decompose in the ocean and 1,000 years in landfills. New packaging solutions to solve the problem of using C-PET plastic in the huge ready-to-eat food packaging industry.

Bagasse box products are made of 100% bagasse natural materials, produced through various processes, and do not emit any toxins or contain heavy metals. New packaging materials based on sucrose production by-products have more advantages than existing green packaging materials, because biodegradable materials based on corn starch require raw material production, while other cellulose-based packaging materials usually require a layer of plastic film. Prevent moisture absorption. The product has high physical strength, good water and oil resistance, and low production cost, which is about 30% lower than wood pulp products.

Are Bagasse Boxes biodegradable?

can. In fact, biodegradation means that it can be degraded by microorganisms. Even plastics will be degraded by microorganisms over a long period of time. So compost should be a healthy indicator of degradability. Compostable can be decomposed in a reasonable time without leaving toxic residues, and it can be safely incorporated into the soil as a part of the soil. The bagasse box is safe. At present, a large number of disposable degradable tableware put into use on the market can be divided into two materials: one is made of natural materials, such as paper products, straw, bagasse, corn starch, etc.; the other is made of degradable plastics as the main component, It is composed of starch, photosensitizer, and other substances. The requirements for "degradation" of tableware include: the biodegradation rate must reach more than 60%, and the starch content of degradable tableware with starch content must not be less than 40%. The product standard will be indicated on the appearance or packaging of the product.

How long do Bagasse Boxes take to decompose?

The decomposition time of our bagasse boxes in commercial composting facilities is less than 3 months. Depending on the actual situation, due to the type of material and processing conditions, many of our bagasse boxes have been completely decomposed within two months. However, we do not recommend burying the bagasse box in your own courtyard. Family courtyards generally cannot create composting conditions for specialized composting facilities.

Bagasse Boxes -Clamshell Sugarcane Box

The bagasse box cClamshell Sugarcane Boxan be locked with a flip lid. Suitable for hamburgers, fruits, and other foods. 

It can be heated in the refrigerator or microwave.

Available in a variety of sizes and depths, and support customization.

 2 compartment bagasse box

The 2 compartment bagasse box can store different foods or easily deformed foods in two compartments. 

It will not cause deformation due to mutual stickiness or large shaking space.

The 3 compartment bagasse box is very suitable for serving meals, a large compartment is suitable for main dishes, and two small compartments are very suitable for seasoning or seasoning.It is very suitable for restaurants, restaurants, and sandwich shops, offering a variety of services from hot dishes to cold salads. Pack takeaway orders or leftovers for your customers.3 compartment bagasse box

Rectangle bagRectangle bagasse box with lidasse box with lid,the flat surface of the lid is very suitable for stacking and placing food. 

Space-saving, beautiful, and easy to carry. The lid is tight and will not tip over or leak.

The lid can be opaque, with a window and transparent. Especially in stores where food is stored, the lid of the lunch box has windows or is transparent for easy display and distinction.

There are more types of bagasse boxes to choose from, such as round, oval, ship and so on. Bagasse boxes are healthy, non-toxic, harmless and hygienic. A variety of designs, a wide variety of perfect for any occasion, for your family and friends to provide all-natural organic tableware. Very suitable for takeaway, camping, picnic, lunch, catering, barbecue, event, party, wedding and restaurant. It can be used for heat, water and oil of various foods. Can be microwaved. Safe 120℃ oil and 100℃ waterproof. Sturdy, cut-resistant, water- and oil-proof, very suitable for serving hot and cold food.


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