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Comparison of disposable tableware made from material

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MaterialDaily useDurableEco-friendlyHeat-resistantRepeated use
Sugarcane bagasse××
Stainless steel coated

  • Paper tableware

    The paper is usually made from natural materials, hence, contains fewer chemicals. However, during the production of paper tableware, 40% of the energy goes to waste. When bleaching recycled paper tableware with chlorine or similar substances, harmful fumes will be generated, contaminating the environment

  • Plastic tableware

    Plastic disposable tableware is often made from polypropylene or polystyrene. Compared to other types of disposable tableware, plastic is waterproof and durable. However, plastic, for example, polystyrene, is difficult to completely degrade in the natural environment. It is said that it takes 1000 years to completely degrade plastic. During the decomposing process, very small pieces of plastic and toxic chemicals remain in the earth and water. Also, when heating food with a plastic package or in a plastic container, the released toxic chemicals will contaminate the food.

  • PLA tableware

    PLA is a kind of environmentally-friendly plastic made from renewable materials. PLA, as a kind of biodegradable plastic, is now in common use all over the world. In certain conditions, PLA can be used for composting. Also, PLA is highly heat-resistant.

  • Bamboo tableware

    Bamboo, as a natural plant, does no harm to the environment. Bamboo grows quickly hence is unlikely in short supply. Also, bamboo can be used for composting. However, bamboo is prone to fracture.

  • Wooden tableware

    Some wooden tableware, similar to bamboo tableware, is eco-friendly and can be used for composting. In contrast to bamboo tableware, the production of wood tableware requires fewer chemical additive agents. More importantly, using disposable wooden tableware involves chopping trees, which is a waste of wood resources. Moreover, some wood will release toxic oil.

  • Sugarcane bagasse tableawre

    Sugarcane bagasse is the sugarcane fiber left over after the extraction of juice. This is a great environmentally-friendly option as it does not involve chopping trees. The bagasse is compostable and decomposes within 60 to 90 days. Sugarcane tableware can be the alternative to paper bowls and cups as it is solid and heat resistant. It is also an option for takeaway restaurants.

  • Stainless steel coated tableware

    Stainless steel-coated tableware is recognized as the best among all kinds of tableware due to its durability and good performance. Also, stainless steel is recyclable. The repeated use of stainless steel-coated tableware makes itself stand out.

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