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What is degradable plastic? How to choose degradable plastic bags?

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As people's awareness of environmental protection has increased, in recent years, they have been advocating the ban on plastic disposable products and promoting environmentally friendly and degradable alternative products, but some people have come forward to say that environmentally friendly bags cannot be degraded! Why is it so? And it is accompanied by experimental proof, so is biodegradability just a gimmick of the manufacturer? Why are more and more national governments still promoting degradable environmentally friendly plastic products? To understand the reason, let's first understand the degradable plastic.

What is the principle of degradation?

Scholars with different degradations take different views. Some believe that the number of carbon atoms decreases and the molecular weight decreases. Another part thinks that it is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water.

What is the degradation of plastic bags?

The degradation performance of plastic bags is that plastic bags are brittle and not flexible, and eventually form compounds in common forms in nature such as carbon dioxide and water. Whether plastic is biodegradable or not has nothing to do with which raw material the plastic is made of. Not all bio-based plastics are biodegradable plastics, and bio-based plastics are also have non-degradable plastics.


Is degradable the same as environmental protection?

no. Biodegradability is part of environmental protection, and only scientific treatment of biodegradability can ensure environmental protection.

Is degradable means biodegradable?

No, biodegradation is one of the degradable forms.

Classification of Degradable Plastics

How does plastic degrade?

Degradable plastics include biodegradation, photodegradation, and oxidative degradation.

Degradable does not mean that it can be degraded naturally in the natural environment. Therefore, the degradable product does not mean that it can be discarded at will after use. It should undergo special recycling and degradation treatment.

Fake environmentally friendly degradable products on the market

Therefore, we can see that only partially containing degradable materials does not mean that it is equivalent to qualified degradable plastic products. In view of those who promote the view that degradable products have no degradability, it is not that the degradable products are buried in the soil and will decompose naturally after a few months. The degradable products mainly depend on the material characteristics of the product and adopt corresponding degradation methods. In addition, it also includes those fake biodegradable plastic products on the market.

Polyethylene plastic bags are added with other substances to reduce the amount of polyethylene added, and the aging time is shortened compared with normal polyethylene plastic, which looks like a "degradable" product. However, after the bag collapses, it becomes polyethylene particles and then enters the environment, which is not environmentally friendly. There is another kind of direct false propaganda. The product description clearly says "degradable plastic bags" of low-pressure PE.

PE plastic bag

From the above picture, we can see that the biodegradable plastic bags we produce are all made of biodegradable materials: PBAT+PLA+CORN STARCH.

What is PBAT plastic material?

PBAT is a photodegradable substance.

The full name of PBAT is short for polybutylene adipate terephthalate. It is an aliphatic-aromatic copolyester with excellent mechanical properties. Moreover, due to the existence of aliphatic ester bonds, it has good biodegradability and can be degraded naturally.

PBAT has excellent film-forming properties and is widely used in mulch film, film bag packaging and other fields. It is currently one of the fastest growing and most widely used degradable plastics.

What is PLA plastic material?

PLA is a biodegradable material.

PLA, also known as polylactide, uses lactic acid or its derivative lactate as raw material, and its source is renewable. Most of its raw material lactic acid is prepared by fermentation of starch, etc., and the current market technology and technology have been very mature.


PLA can be composted, and will be completely degraded under composting conditions (temperature higher than 55°C or under the action of oxygen and microorganisms). It has good biocompatibility and bioabsorbability and is widely used in the field of biomedical materials. The degree of industrialization and marketization of PLA products is relatively leading.

What is corn starch plastic material?

Corn starch is a biodegradable material.

Bio-based (or starch-based) plastic, in which the starch content is more than 15%, the principle of degradation is that the produced bag has many honeycomb-shaped holes on the surface under the microscope, which effectively increases the area of contact After the starch component is decomposed, the area of other plastic components in contact with the air is larger, which speeds up the oxidation rate. In addition, some of the degradation-promoting components in the starch-based plastic play a role, which will make the bag disintegrate into a very short time. Small particles.

Therefore, our shopping bags are all made of degradable materials. PBAT has extremely high degradability and can be composted without residual toxic substances. PLA is also produced from bio-based materials, such as waste corn and other plants. Corn starch increases the decomposition and oxidation rate of plastic bags and accelerates degradation.

corn starch plastic

How to choose the degradable environmental protection plastic bags that suit us?

At present, our PBAT production has good raw material conditions and production conditions, and the technology is well developed. The price and cost will be lower than other degradable materials. Our eco-friendly plastic bags have a variety of styles, vest shopping bags, roll bag,waistcoat bags, handbags, and various forms support customization. Can be used for supermarket shopping, strong and tough. Can be used for mall shopping, printing patterns support customization, stylish and beautiful. It can also be used to hold dog poo, which is convenient to carry and compost.


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