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How to choose disposable tableware of different shapes?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-10-29      Origin: Site

To know how to choose the disposable tableware suitable for our use, let us first understand the characteristics of various shapes of tableware.

Disposable round tableware

Round bowls and plates are the most common shapes.

Disposable round tableware

Why are plates and bowls mostly round?

From a technological point of view, the shape of the disc of the ceramic products is a rotating embryo, and the metal is in the form of stamping. The round shape is the easiest to form. It also includes factors such as manufacturing technology and cultural implications. But the shape of disposable tableware is more selective.

The soup bowls are all round, because the cylindrical shape is not as easy to deform as the rectangular shape in terms of stability. And can be stacked at any angle. Whether you use a spoon or go directly to the soup, the round shape can be at any angle and there is no dead corner. This is why all cups are cylindrical.

The ratio of the material (surface area) to the size (volume) of the round bowl is the smallest, which means that the round plate can hold more food. It looks like a plate or bowl of the same size has a larger circular shape.

disposable bagasse round plate

The disc placement on the long table is not uneven due to no angle. The holding method of the disc is more simple than that of the square, and the possibility of error is less. It is not easy to spill to the side when drinking soup.

Where and when to use disposable round tableware?

So when you order a takeaway, if it is a large portion of the food, it is usually a cylindrical bowl, while the general takeaway of small amount of food is mostly a square takeaway box.

Round tableware is more suitable for turntable microwave ovens. The disposable tableware we provide is safe, non-toxic and compostable, and can be microwaved.

Round tableware is more suitable for turntable microwave ovens

Disposable rectangle tableware

For take-out, rectangle bowls can be neatly placed side by side, and the shape of the outer packaging plastic bags are almost all slender shapes, suitable for rectangular tableware. Or more food is placed on the table, which can be close to each other, leaving no gaps or wasting space.

Where and when to use rectangle tableware?

If the rectangle plate for household use is placed on the plate rack, there will be no mistakes that may cause the possibility of displacement like a round plate.

Rectangle plates or bowls are very suitable for placing in flat-plate microwaves or ovens to make full use of space. Packed food can also be neatly placed in the refrigerator.

Certain foods only look good on plates with certain shapes. For example, sushi is suitable for elongated rectangular plates.

sushi is suitable for elongated rectangular plates

When packaging vegetables or meat in supermarkets, the most often use is a rectangle plate, because the food can be tightly sealed from both the horizontal and vertical directions when the plastic wrap is wrapped, which greatly saves the amount of plastic wrap. And square food can save a lot of space when displayed.

Supermarket packaging box

Note that the harder square plate is not suitable for young children and is easy to be poke by the four corners.

Disposable oval tableware

Why many people like oval tableware?

For the best aesthetic ratio, the golden ratio point value is close to 0.618, and the shape of the ellipse is close to the best aesthetic ratio value, which is more visually comfortable.

Disposable oval plate

Nowadays, film and television works basically adopt the aspect ratio of 4:3, 16:9, and 2.35:1. There are two reasons for the visual angle of adopting such a ratio standard:

In line with the perspective of the human eye

The horizontal angle of view of the human eye is greater than the vertical angle of view, and almost all creatures on land move horizontally more than up and down, so a frame design that is wider than taller is adopted.

Comprehensive consideration of aesthetics

During the silent film period, based on statistics and analysis of the works of outstanding painters in major European cities, the standard size of the film was officially determined in 1925 as 24x18mm, that is, an aspect ratio of 1.33:1.

Where and when to use oval tableware?

When you prepare a lot of long foods such as skewers and grilled fish, it is best to use an oval plate at this time, and it does not take up space, and it looks not only beautiful but also neat.

Grilled fish plate

For outdoor activities or parties, you need to hold your own plate for self-service. At this time, the round plate can only be hold on. If it cannot be hold steady, people will be maddening. The oval shape relatively slender can be held to ensure a stable hold. Comfortable and easy to hold.

32 oz compostable food bowl

How to choose the best disposable plates and bowls for you?

Through the above illustrate, you should know which style of tableware is most suitable for you. 

So how to choose the size of disposable tableware?

For example, foods like fruits, candies, snacks, etc. or placed indoors. If crowded, you can choose a smaller plate, such as a 6" plate. If there are more people and food, you can choose a larger plate, such as 10 "The plate. If it is for soup or salad, you can choose a larger round bowl as much as possible, and you can hold more. We provide various sizes for the above products. You can choose from it. We recommend that you choose a round bowl with a diameter of 190mm. If you are holding yogurt, you can choose a small round bowl or an oval bowl, and the size is about 160mm in diameter. The depth of the bowl is generally about 40mm.

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