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Classification of the disposable biodegradable tableware

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-16      Origin: Site

The disposable biodegradable tableware can be divided into the following categories according to the production process

The paper pulp disposable tableware-The paper pulp molded type

The reed and other herbaceous plant pulp are the main raw materials of the paper pulp molded tableware. To make the paper pulp tableware, the reed and other herbaceous plant pulp are mixed with 30% wood pulp (some manufacturers do not add wood pulp) and some waterproof and oilproof additives; then moulding machines mould the mixture into certain shapes to form the perform body; latter, the preform body is made into the paper pulp tableware after a series of processes such as heating and drying, calendering and moulding.

The paper pulp moulded products are usually used as packages for industrial products, such as egg trays and shock-proof trays for instruments and meters. At present, the paper pulp moulded tableware is one of the alternatives to disposable plastic foam tableware. Among the alternatives, the paper pulp moulded tableware has the largest production capacity and a large number of manufacturers.

The cardboard tableware-the coated cardboard type

The cardboard tableware refers to the coated cardboard tableware, that is, the tableware made of cardboard coated with polyethylene waterproof film. Today, tableware made of cardboard coated with biodegradable waterproof film has been developed. Because of the high hygiene standards of the coated cardboard used to produce the tableware, the production cost of the cardboard tableware is relatively high.

The sugarcane tableware/straw tableware-the plant fibre moulded type

The plant fiber cutlery is represented by sugarcane cutlery and straw cutlery. To produce the plant fiber cutlery, sugarcane bagasse, wheat husk or straw are crushed into powder and then mixed with polymer organic hot melt adhesive that meets food hygiene standards; subsequently, the mixture is molded, dried and processed into the water- and oil- proof tableware.

The production process of the plant fiber molded type makes full use of the straw, wheat husk and sugarcane bagasse and other resources. The plant fiber molded tableware is durable and has a smooth surface. Besides, the surface allows printing logos, ads and instructions on it. The mature and stable production technology of the plant fiber molded tableware makes no waste during the production and makes the products degradable. 

Starch Tableware-edible powder moulded type

The edible powder (mainly starch) molded tableware is mainly made of starch and plant fiber. The starch and the plant fiber mixed with some accessories, such as bio-polyester and polyol are processed into the semifinished product which has a starch content of up to 80%. The semifinished product are puffed and molded into the tableware that can be naturally degraded in the natural environment, leaving no pollution and damage to the environment. 

PLA tableware-a biodegradable plastic moulded type

PLA is a new bio-based and biodegradable material made from starch extracted from renewable plant resources (e.g. maize). Plastics are polymeric organic materials that are mainly composed of resins. To produce plastic products, resins are molded into certain shapes at certain temperatures and pressure. Plastic products can maintain their established shape at room temperature.

Photo-biodegradable tableware-Photo-biodegradable type

This type of tableware is mainly made from biodegradable bioplastics. During the production, biodegradable bioplastics are processed with photo-biodegradable masterbatch (used to accelerates the degradation rate of the plastic). Photobiodegradable tableware is one that can undergo a series of chemical reactions in the presence of outdoor environmental factors including sunlight, temperature, oxygen and water, causing changes from appearance to inner quality.

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