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Eco-friendly bags and tableware will become the main products to promote

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-04      Origin: Site

The proliferation of packaging waste is a worldwide problem. The US Environmental Protection Agency has pointed out that in the United States, food packaging accounts for a quarter of landfill waste. At the same time, a large amount of plastic enters the ocean, suffocating marine life, and creating a huge "trash island" deep in the ocean. Plastic particles invisible to the naked eye even contaminate tap water.

"Zero waste" shopping is gradually accepted

The background of the rise of "unpackaged supermarkets". This kind of shop looks more like a wholesaler than a regular grocery store. The goods are stored in clean bins or containers, packed and shipped by customers themselves; you can buy all kinds of goods by weight, from raisins to flour, from olive oil to shampoo, as much as you need. However, there are no plastic bags and plastic wrap in the supermarket.

Zero waste

Unpackaged supermarkets are part of the "zero waste" movement. This concept originated in Europe more than ten years ago and has now spread around the world. From Brooklyn to Sicily, from Malaysia to South Africa, there are now "zero waste" stores.

The need to package some foods in typical plastics-to ensure food safety, or to help replace food and prevent food waste-can be met by plant starches or even compostable materials made from food waste itself.

This bio-based compostable packaging is called "plastic-free," although materials scientists and the companies that make it still refer to it as plastic. Advocates want a clear distinction between new materials and oil-based plastics, and other plant-based plastics.

A Canadian supermarket even launched a shameful plastic bag with different words such as "Wholesale Wart Ointment" and "AV Movie Shop" printed on the plastic bag. It costs five cents per Canadian dollar. If you are not ashamed, please continue to use it.


Environmental protection policies introduced everywhere

Wuhan clearly sets out the timetable for the "ban on plastics"!

On December 1, it was learned from the Wuhan Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Ecological Environment Bureau that the "Wuhan City Implementation Plan for Further Strengthening of Plastic Pollution Control" formulated by Wuhan City was released.

Key areas will "ban plastic" before the end of the year

The "Plan" stipulates that by the end of 2020, the sale and use of certain plastic products such as non-degradable plastic shopping bags and non-degradable disposable plastic tableware will be prohibited in key areas and key areas of the city.

At the end of this year, the use of non-degradable plastic bags in shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies, bookstores, catering and various exhibition activities in built-up areas of the city is prohibited, and the use of non-degradable plastic bags is regulated and restricted in the fair market. By the end of 2025, non-degradable plastic bags will be banned in the bazaars in built-up areas of the city. Encourage other places where conditions permit to stop using non-degradable plastic bags.

At the end of this year, the city-wide catering industry banned the use of non-degradable disposable plastic straws; built-up areas, scenic spots, and catering services banned the use of non-degradable disposable plastic tableware. By 2025, the consumption intensity of non-degradable disposable plastic tableware in the catering takeaway sector will decrease by 30%.

By the end of 2022, the consumption of single-use plastic products will be significantly reduced, alternative products will be widely promoted, and the proportion of plastic waste recycling and energy utilization will be significantly increased; in the prominent areas of plastic pollution and emerging areas such as e-commerce, express delivery, and takeaway, a group of Typical model of plastic pollution prevention and control.

Two years later, the city-wide star-rated hotels, hotels, and other places no longer actively provide disposable plastic products and can provide related services by setting up self-purchasing machines.

Sustainable packaging solution

Eco-friendly bags and paper bags will become the main products to promote

In order to strengthen the supervision and management of the use of non-degradable plastic bags, Wuhan will promote the use of non-plastic products such as environmentally friendly cloth bags, paper bags, vegetable baskets, and degradable shopping bags. Promote the centralized purchase and sale system of shopping bags in the bazaar. Strengthen the research and development of recyclable, easily recyclable, degradable alternative materials and products, and support relevant enterprises to expand production scale. Promote the scientific and rational use of agricultural mulch films and other agricultural inputs, and combine agronomic measures to promote fully biodegradable mulch films in key mulching areas.

Eco-friendly bags

Delivery companies are required to purchase packaging products that comply with national standards, industry standards, and relevant national regulations, and promote the use of environmentally friendly tapes, packaging tapes, and fillers. Guide and promote delivery companies to establish a green procurement system, and accelerate the construction of a green procurement system in the industry. Promote reusable refrigerated express boxes in the delivery of fresh food in the same city. Promote e-commerce, takeaway, and other platform companies to strengthen the management of settled merchants, promote the reduction and substitution of disposable plastic products, and release the implementation status to the society.

Plastic waste recycling and disposal are more standardized

It is forbidden to discard, stack, or dump domestic garbage at will. Promote the "two networks" integration of renewable resource utilization and recycling networks and domestic waste classification systems. Support e-commerce platforms, environmental sanitation departments, recycling companies, etc. to carry out multi-party cooperation, and set up recycling facilities such as express packaging in residential communities, public places, office buildings, universities, and colleges.

Accelerate the inspection and rectification of informal storage and dumping points of domestic waste, and focus on solving the problem of plastic pollution caused by random dumping of domestic waste in urban and rural areas, environmentally sensitive areas, road traffic service areas, pits and ditches. Carry out the cleanup of plastic waste along the Yangtze River and the Han River, along the banks of reservoirs and lakes. Promote the cleaning and remediation of residual mulch film on farmland and plastic packaging of pesticides and fertilizers, and gradually reduce the amount of residual mulch film on farmland.

Plastic ban will be included in integrity records

It is reported that Wuhan City is exploring the implementation of a system of corporate legal persons' trustworthy commitments. Relevant departments have identified untrustworthy behaviors such as illegal production, sales, use of plastic products, and breach of credit commitments in accordance with laws and regulations, and reported them to the municipal credit platform. The municipal credit platform records the information submitted by various departments in the credit records of the corresponding entities and discloses it to the public and reports to the higher-level credit platform in accordance with relevant regulations.

At the same time, Wuhan has also included the use of disposable plastic products in the green life creation activities of conservation-oriented institutions, green schools, and green shopping malls, requiring public institutions to take the lead in stopping the use of non-degradable disposable plastic products.

At present, Wuhan City is increasing the key core technology research and achievement transformation of recyclable and degradable materials, and improving the performance of alternative materials and products. Promote the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, and accelerate the construction of high-level scientific and technological innovation centers and influential industrial innovation centers.

Sustainable container solution

Alternatives to plastic packaging

Compostable tableware containers replace traditional plastic trays and all-plastic vacuum preservation packaging, which can reduce plastic usage by 75%. In addition, the transparent design with a cover allows consumers to see the true state of the product. It solves the problem of the accumulation of plastic and foam packaging for meat food and has a wide range of applications, including meat, seafood, vegetarian food, cheese, etc.

Compostable clamshell box

If the main advantages of plastic are universality and lightness, compostable bagasse tableware has the advantages of plastic and can withstand the high temperature of microwave ovens. In addition to the unmatched advantages of recyclable and renewable plastic packaging, bagasse tableware also possesses the new technology of "compostable", which is very environmentally friendly.

In addition to the advantages of environmental protection and sustainability, it also has high-quality, time-saving, labor-saving, material-saving, and space-saving. It can be said to be the best choice for plastic substitutes.

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