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How to choose disposable straws?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-10-21      Origin: Site

How often do you go to the restaurant? How often do you hold a family gathering? How often do you order takeaway? When you paint a delicate makeup, but you don't want to affect your makeup because of drinking water. When your child can't hold the cup firmly to drink,you will very likely choose to drink with a straw. Whether you are an environmentalist or not,We cannot do without disposable tableware, which greatly facilitates our lives. So do you know how to choose straws?


The straws in the current market mainly include the following types: plastic straws, bamboo straw, glass straw, stainless steel straws, silicone straws, and paper straws.

Which straw should I choose?Here we compare these kinds of straws.

factor paper straws plastic straws bamboo straws glass straws stainless steel straws silicone straws
price The cheapest low price medium price higher price higher price higher price
exterior various color patterns various color hard material,all natural transparent & various color

various color,vogue

various color
clean disposable disposable need to wash and polish by hand transparent,stains can be seen

not easy to clean

not easy to clean
hot drinks suitable not suitable suitable suitable easy to burn mouth suitable
cold drinks suitable suitable suitable suitable suitable suitable
disadvantage easy to soften not eco-friendly, not resistant to high temperatures easy to crack & mold fragile easy to burn mouth easy to stain

Based on the above factors, we can understand that if you can bear the trouble of cleaning the straws carefully, you can choose non-disposable straws. Stainless steel straws, bamboo straws and glass straws, which are very good choices. If you have children or the elderly at home, you can choose a silicone straw, you can bite it at will without the risk of breaking or poking. Note that you must choose a straw made of food-grade materials!Pay attention to washing and drying, especially the bamboo is easy to crack and damp and easy to mold.

stainless steel straws

If you are going outdoors or hosting a party, disposable straws are the best choice. For different cups, especially for children, we can shorten the length of the straw to make it easier to use. Non-disposable straws are much heavier than disposable straws,but many people think this is tolerable and we should refuse to use disposable products. However, in many ways, non-disposable products require cleaning agents, etc., which will also pollute the environment from the side. And will consume a lot of money. Just like if it is a thicker drink than a milkshake, it will be difficult to suck up with thin straws, so you have to prepare many straws of different thicknesses. This is difficult to achieve both.

Nowadays, many paper straws no longer need to be produced from trees. Many crops are produced as by-products. They are not only environmentally friendly, but also compostable. It is very healthy from source to use. From the perspective of health and environmental protection, disposable straws are recommended to use paper straws.  

So in the face of the dazzling array of disposable straws on the market, do you know how to choose?

paper straws

Reliable manufacturer

Reliable manufacturer are preferred. If you need to buy in large quantities, you can choose a reputable merchant and confirm that the qualifications are complete. Then get free samples for comparison.

Pinch it

If you pinch the straw, it will become flat and inflexible, which means that the straw is made of relatively thin material and is of poor quality, which can easily be sucked flat during use.

Observe the appearance

The appearance and texture of high-quality disposable straws are definitely better and the color is normal. If there is printing, the printed color is natural and does not fade. Check the inside of the straw for black spots such as impurities.

Smell it

Put it far away and take it closer and ask, if it smells pungent, it must not be a good product.

Observe the outer packaging

See if the production date, shelf life, production license and quality certification marks on the production packaging bag are all available.

paper straws

Precautions for the use of straws

If you choose a non-disposable straw, pay attention to the cleaning and storage methods. Do not scratch the surface to cause bacteria to grow. Pay attention to the storage method of disposable straws that are not used. Seal it up and store them in a cool and dry environment. Choose high-quality disposable straws and avoid prolonged soaking of hot beverages. Don't pursue a good-looking straw pattern. We recommend to minimize the pattern soaking in the drink, so it is recommended to choose a straw with a simple pattern.

Therefore, as an environmentalist, starting from the product, we can not only save you economic costs but also get the greatest benefits. We aim to provide you with the best quality service.

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