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Sugarcane bagasse food container : Turn waste into treasure

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Sugarcane bagasse food container is also a kind of paper lunch box. The plant fiber in the paper-making raw material is replaced by sugarcane bagasse fiber, also called bagasse lunch box, sugarcane pulp lunch box, plant fiber lunch box, bagasse food container. It is a popular environmentally friendly degradable tableware.

The sugarcane bagasse food container is made of sugarcane bagasse as the main raw material. It is disposable tableware that can rot in a short time after being discarded.

What is sugarcane bagasse?

Sugarcane bagasse is the raw material of sugarcane bagasse food containers. Sugarcane as the main source of sugar, sugarcane not only has a short growth cycle but is also a tall solid herb. It is the best raw material for plant fiber that grows 100% non-wood every year. Sugarcane is widely grown and consumed globally. Sugar cane is rich in fiber.

Sugarcane is the most representative C4 plant. Compared with C3 plants, C4 plants have many advantages such as strong growth ability, high carbon dioxide utilization rate, and less water demand.


Sugarcane is the main raw material for sugar production in China. In the world's total sugar production, sucrose accounts for about 65%, and China accounts for more than 80%. Sugar is one of the essential food products for mankind, and it is also an important raw material for the food industry such as candy and beverage. At the same time, sugarcane is also an important raw material for the light industry, chemical industry, and energy. Chinese people like sugarcane. Sugarcane can not only make sugar but can also make a kind of sugar that is unique to China. Sugarcane brown sugar is a kind of brown sugar with multiple functions for Chinese people. The Chinese not only like sugarcane but also use sugarcane as a kind of fruit. In the annual sugarcane season, sugarcane in fruit shops can be seen everywhere. People peel off the sugarcane peel, squeeze the stems of the sugarcane or eat directly, spit out the sugarcane bagasse after chewing, and enjoy the sweetness of sugarcane.

Sugarcane is not only edible but also able to extract ethanol as an energy substitute. For example, Fujian, Guangxi, and other places in China belong to tropical regions, and sugarcane is widely grown. Even in the Central Plains of China, there are scattered greenhouses. Brazil, India, Thailand, Mexico and other countries are also big countries in sugarcane planting and production. It is mainly used to make sugar, after extracting the sugar from the cane, a large amount of sugarcane bagasse is left.

Sugarcane bagasse fiber is hard and easy to rot. It is an excellent choice for compostable tableware. The use of sugarcane bagasse belongs to waste reuse. It can save a lot of wood and meet the requirements of the circular economy and environmental protection policies. Realize the environmental protection of the source plants and the environmental protection of product production. Sugarcane pulp is not only cheaper than wood pulp but also can make up for the shortcomings of wood pulp.

The production process of sugarcane pulp lunch box

Selection of raw materials

In the screening of bagasse, we check whether the bagasse raw materials meet the requirements. We strictly control every process.

Production of sugarcane pulp

After screening the bagasse, the pulp is made. After the sugarcane pulp production process, the fiber of the bagasse can be separated and the bonding ability of the sugarcane fiber can be improved.

Machine molding

Use professional machines to form more pulp and dewater to get the shape of tableware blanks. This process is crucial to the completion of the tableware. Not only can it be dehydrated and dried, but it can also enhance the bonding ability between sugarcane fibers. Affect the anti-seepage effect of tableware. And it requires no waste water, waste gas, waste residue pollution in the production process.

Cutting process

After the tableware is basically formed, it must be shaped under pressure, trimmed, dried, or air-dried. We will deal with the details of the product according to customer requirements. Cut the edge of the tableware to ensure beauty and practicality. Keep improving. The takeaway packaging box is easy to open and close, The tableware with the lid fits tightly, and the lid does not leak. The inner and outer surfaces are smooth and clean. In this process, we will strictly classify the products and screen out unqualified products.

Disinfection and packaging

The dried tableware is sealed and packaged with plastic film after disinfection. For different batches and different types of environmentally friendly tableware, our packaging methods are different, and we can customize packaging according to the actual needs of users.

Our disposable environmentally friendly tableware is made of 100% bagasse as raw materials and produced through various processes. Sugarcane bagasse food container has high physical strength, good waterproof and oil-proof performance, and low production cost, which is about 30% lower than wood pulp products.

And it is non-toxic and side effects, and the technology is quite mature. The biggest difference between our sugarcane bagasse food container and traditional paper lunch boxes is that the sugarcane bagasse food container does not have any plastic coating. It is the first choice for healthy and environmentally friendly disposable tableware.

take out 3 compartment clamshell box

What are the characteristics of sugarcane bagasse food containers?

The sugarcane bagasse food container is waterproof and oil-proof, and the heat resistance is about 0℃~100℃. The sugarcane bagasse food container with meals can be directly heated in the microwave.

The plant fiber paper lunch box does not have any PE plastic/PP plastic coating, which can be decomposed naturally and effectively reduces environmental pollution. It is environmentally friendly tableware that is environmentally friendly.

There are sugarcane bagasse food containers of various shapes and sizes, such as disposable takeaway boxes, snack packaging, compostable sugarcane dish, disposable lunch boxes, bagasse hamburger box, disposable lunch clamshell, clamshell take out containers, etc.

The sugarcane bagasse food container contains more than 80% bagasse, which is also environmentally friendly. But compared to cornstarch tableware, its only disadvantage is its slow degradation rate. It is more durable than cornstarch tableware, has better water resistance and heat resistance.

Generally speaking, cornstarch tableware can be degraded in a few days, while sugarcane bagasse food container needs to wait about 6 months.

Frequently asked questions about sugarcane bagasse food container

Q: Can the sugarcane pulp lunch box be used in a microwave oven?

A: Yes, the sugarcane pulp lunch box can withstand the temperature of -20℃~120℃.

Q: Is the sugarcane pulp lunch box waterproof?

A: Waterproof. Please rest assured that our tableware has undergone strict waterproof test tests. Generally, food will contain moisture. Our sugarcane pulp lunch boxes will not be moldy due to moisture. But bagasse tableware is not recommended to contain beverages and water.

Q: Is the sugarcane pulp lunch box with lid tight?

A: Our tableware provides various types of sugarcane pulp lunch boxes with lids, including multiple snap-on sugarcane pulp lunch boxes, clamshell tableware, separate lids, etc. If you are still unsure about the packaging effect, you can use a waist seal to improve the tightness and stability of the tableware packaging.


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