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The importance of disposable environmentally friendly plastic products under the coronavirus

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-16      Origin: Site

The economy under the epidemic

From March to October this year in New York, more than 300,000 people moved from New York. They changed their email address. They moved from downtown New York to suburban New York or other faraway states. According to the address, it can be seen that many of them have moved from the wealthy districts of New York. 

people moved from New York

Why did they move away? Because of the epidemic, many shopping malls, bars, and restaurants in New York have closed. So these people have no place to play. Part of the reason they moved is because of the high crime rate in the city. The Wall Street Journal reported that the shooting problem in New York has more than doubled from last year. But the number of bad guys caught was 13% less than last year. Why is this? Because many police officers are sick with coronavirus. The second is because the government pays less to the police.

In addition to the high crime rate, there are also more and more homeless people living on the street. About 80,000 New Yorkers are homeless, and more than 4,000 can only sleep on the street. Others live in shelters. But in the shelter, it is very easy to contract coronavirus and spread the virus to each other. So the New York government let some homeless people live in hotels. But many wealthy districts are very dissatisfied with this government initiative. They think these homeless people make it very unsafe. And it is mainly because these homeless people have mental or drug problems. Residents who live nearby go to the court and ask the court to take the homeless away. But the court disagreed. So some people nearby moved out of here. Move to live in a suburban area, and then work there.

wealthy districts are very dissatisfied

Business district situation

CBS News reported in October that only 15% of people in Manhattan work in offices. Not because they are unemployed, but because they work at home. For office buildings, the biggest problem is not the epidemic. But because of the epidemic, many bosses discovered that employees can work from home. Then why spend so much money to rent an office? So many companies have changed their working methods after the epidemic. At present, office buildings are not easy to rent out.

Business district situation

Catering industry situation

Because many people do not come to work in the commercial area, the coffee shops and restaurants around the commercial area are not doing well. Many restaurants and cafes are facing bankruptcy and closure. Even many well-known stores have gone bankrupt. And now entering the long winter, the snow warning means that outdoor dining is also facing suspension. And many people don't like to wear thick clothes to sit outside and eating after a day's work. So the catering business is not so good at present. Philippe Massoud, the owner of the Ilili restaurant in New York City, said that the outdoor seating area he built for $80,000 has been discontinued. As there was no indoor dining, Massoud also had to lay off 50% of its employees. He said: "I was completely closed because I couldn't build a cabinet that would make people feel comfortable and comply with the CDC." "We only operate catering and takeaway businesses because no one will sit outside."

Now you can see many food delivery people on the street. The takeaway business is currently very good. For example, chipotle, mainly sell American-style Mexican box lunches. The reason why their business is good is precise because they sell box lunches. Everyone can eat at home.

Mexican box lunches

In a survey of American consumers in March 2020, 41.7% of the respondents said that if they are restricted to home during the coronavirus infection, they are likely to purchase restaurant delivery services online. It seems that this proportion has exceeded half of the population.

So the current situation is that the epidemic will not completely recede in a short time. Facing the impact of the epidemic, many industries and people's consumption patterns will change. The explosive growth of express delivery and food delivery will not disappear suddenly. People may work more at home in the future and enjoy the speed of online payment. Like to enjoy the food at home. The catering industry should pay attention to takeaway services.

The epidemic caused a sharp increase in plastic waste

Due to the epidemic, people can only stay at home, leading to the stockpiling of goods. In the end, it was discovered that most of the packaging of these goods was plastic. The most likely to be disinfectant and takeaway boxes. The surge in food delivery has led to a huge increase in plastic waste, and due to the economic impact of the epidemic, more and more people are choosing to start packing lunches. This has increased demand for sandwich packaging and packaging boxes, and increased demand for disposable tableware products.

plastic waste

Healthy takeaway packaging solution

Because of concerns about the infectivity of the virus, it has been advocated not to use reusable plastic bags. Many stores prohibit customers from carrying reusable bags. The catering industry also stopped using reusable knives, forks, bowls, and cups. The use of disposable plastic bags and tableware has a huge impact on the environment. Non-pollution to the environment and short-term degradation have become important indicators of disposable plastic products.

Therefore, the government is urging restaurants to try to find better solutions than disposable plastics, namely compostable tableware and plastic supplies.

compostable tableware

According to UNCTAD, in order to reduce pollution, governments and companies in various countries determine alternatives to non-fossil fuel plastics. Use a list of non-toxic, biodegradable, or easily recyclable materials that can replace plastic. And biodegradation does not mean that it can be composted, and compostable is nature's way of recycling.

Compostable tableware and packaging is an effective solution. Both cost-efficiency and environmental protection can be achieved. To achieve the goal of long-term development. Realize the circular economy.

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