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What are the different types of disposable cutlery?

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There are 5 popular types of materials used for disposable cutlery, we will introduce them in order of cost.

Plastic:Generally made of polypropylene or polystyrene, is the most common disposable tool material with the lowest economic cost, recyclable but not compostable. The heat resistance of polystyrene before deformation is 180°F*. The heat resistance of polypropylene before deformation is 250°F*.

Plastic cutlery

Plastarch material (PSM): is a biodegradable, thermoplastic resin. It is composed of starch and several other biodegradable materials. PSM tableware is usually made of 20% to 30% plastic and 70% to 80% plant material. These plastics prevent PSM from degrading, making the entire product non-biodegradable.

CPLA Plastic :CPLA is a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable starch resources such as corn or sugar cane. CPLA is more expensive than disposable plastic tableware, but it is the cheapest environmental choice. CPLA is very strong and will rupture under extremely high pressure.

CPLA spoon

Bamboo and Wood:Bamboo is a strong and durable material. Natural appearance. Wooden knives are generally by-products of trees. This kind of tableware does not have harsh dyes and chemicals. This type of tableware is porous and absorbent and can absorb bacteria and water in food and liquids. Drying is easy to crack.

wooden cutlery

What is the difference between medium-weight plastic tableware and heavy plastic meal? 

Medium-weight tableware has a lower density, and heavier plastic tableware is cheaper. It is a cost-effective choice and better for daily service. This is ideal for disposable party tableware such as salads bowls and desserts plants.  

Heavier tableware has a higher density, making it heavier, thus providing your customers with a higher sense of quality and value. The heavy-duty plastic tableware is sturdy, strong, and will not break easily. This option costs more but is ideal for harder and heavier foods such as meat or pasta.

Green and environmentally friendly, biodegradable plastic tableware is a good substitute for plastic tableware, but it has environmental advantages. This tableware is strong and strong, so it is suitable for most foods.

CPLA Cutlery vs PSM Cutlery

CPLA is similar to PSM. They are all biodegradable plastics derived from plant starch. When CPLA Cutlery biodegrades, it will decompose into the organic matter: CO2 and water. Polylactic acid is the only biodegradable plastic with excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties. So it is very healthy. CPLA is very tough and has advantages in cutting tools. And PLA is completely compostable.


PSM is a thermoplastic resin. This vegetable starch has been modified with enzymes and cellulose to make it more heat-resistant, water-resistant, oil-resistant and not fragile. However, the compostability of PSM tableware has not been widely accepted by PLA. And PSM products often contain a mixture of PSM and plastic. These plastics prevent PSM from degrading, making the entire product non-biodegradable. So you will also find fully compostable CPLA tableware in our bioplastic tableware series.

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