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What is the best disposable tableware?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-11      Origin: Site

Which disposable tableware has the smallest carbon footprint?

The bagasse manufacturing process emits 97% less carbon dioxide than commercial plastic containers and 65% less carbon dioxide than paper products and biodegradable plastics. Small enough carbon footprint is his feature. From the source to the production process to the finished product, and finally to the compost degradation, the advantages of sufficiently small carbon emissions and sufficient environmental protection have been realized.


What is the best disposable tableware?

As the pace of life accelerates, more and more young people choose to order take-out at noon. Normally, the tableware used for take-out is all disposable. I have to say that the take-out market is relatively active now. Disposable tableware, which is closely related to it, naturally has a broader market development prospect. In addition to takeaway, some restaurant businesses will also provide chopsticks or tableware when they provide chopsticks or tableware to ensure that the restaurant's hygiene meets the standards. 

Of course, what I want to remind you here is that when you produce or purchase disposable tableware equipment, you must ensure that the tableware is of degradable or recyclable materials. Normally, it is divided into 3 different types, namely, biological Degradable, light-degradable, and easy-to-recycle materials. The use of such materials to produce disposable tableware can not only meet market demand, but can also be unaffected by national policies.

disposable tableware

An alternative to plastic food containers, the best environmental protection materials and one of the largest food industry wastes: bagasse, also known as sugarcane pulp. Long and thin bamboo fibers and short and thick bagasse fibers are entwined to form a tight network structure. The team used these two mechanically stable and biodegradable materials to make containers. This new type of green tableware is not only as strong as plastic and can hold liquids, but also cleaner than biodegradable products made of recyclable materials. The latter may not be completely deinked, and it will be left in the soil for 30 to 45 days. It will start to decompose and will lose its shape completely after 60 days.

On the one hand, we need a material that can be safely eaten. On the other hand, the container needs to have good wet mechanical strength and be very clean, because the container will be used to hold hot coffee and hot lunch. Bagasse tableware is a perfect disposable tableware. It can withstand high and low temperatures, and will not release harmful substances.

Bagasse tableware

How to class up an event using disposable tableware?

The elegant and perfect tableware can perfectly match your activities. The simple and generous white plate with a set of knives and forks will allow you to perfectly cope with your child’s birthday whether it is a wedding or a family gathering. Cups, plates and bowls of different sizes and shapes can hold any type of drinks and desserts.

We have tableware of different sizes and weights, which are not only strong but also unlikely to break. To prevent cuts, etc. Large gatherings save you the labor of moving and cleaning. And greatly save money.

There are also many types of packaging boxes for packing food for a picnic. Different designs with lids will not spill food with soup and are very easy to open. Convenient and effortless.

If you are working as a company, and you often receive different guests, it is more appropriate to use disposable environmental protection cups. But at present, supermarkets buy a batch of cups that are all the same. How to make people clearly know that it is their own cup of water without being confused?

disposable cup with a printed pattern

When using it, you can use a marker pen to mark, so that if it is a group activity, even if it is noisy, you will not mistake your cup in the chaos. And those people will also find it very considerate. What if you don't know their identity and name? This is very important for what type of cups to purchase. At present, the patterns on the whole bags or boxes bought in supermarkets are exactly the same. So choosing a product that supports customization allows you to easily take out any cup with different characteristics. The disposable cup with a printed pattern with the company logo can make people feel the company's cultural atmosphere. And use paper cups with lids, the lids are distinguished, even if the logos on the paper cups are all the same, they can be distinguished well. It is also a good way to insert different colored straws into different cups.

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