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Why the fast-food industry should switch to biodegradable tableware?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-19      Origin: Site

biodegradable tableware

As people's awareness of environmental protection increases, it is hoped that the use of plastic disposable products can be reduced as much as possible. But reducing plastic may require people to compromise on convenience or spend more money.

The reality is that we cannot do without disposable plastic products. We need disposable tableware when traveling. When we shop, we don't always follow a plan so we can not bring shopping bags in advance. We don't always make our own coffee every morning. All in all, the use of plastic disposable products cannot be avoided. An effective way is to use environmentally friendly disposable plastic products. This is a very important responsibility for market managers. For us consumers, it is difficult to solve this problem, just as people say that compostable plastic products cannot solve the problem of plastic pollution. Because our backyard cannot be composted, and the actual composting requires special facilities, is there no need for us to use compost products instead of plastic products?

In the absence of a better solution to solve the current plastic pollution problem, compostable environmentally-friendly plastics are our first choice. For the giant non-catering industry that consumes plastic disposable products. The vast majority of major players in the catering industry have not taken measures to alleviate this problem. It is estimated that by 2040, plastics will still leave 710 million tons in the environment.

For the catering industry, many restaurant and coffee shop companies have announced that they will no longer use plastic straws. Due to the pandemic of the coronaviruses this year, many people are worried about eating out. Whether the tableware has been strictly disinfected for reuse. This has also led to an increase in takeaway orders. For the fast-food industry, it is necessary to use environmentally friendly compostable tableware.

Sugarcane bagasse tableware

Sugarcane bagasse tableware, CPLA biodegradable disposable cutlery set, Eco green paper cup are made of bagasse and other environmentally friendly materials, which are safe and environmentally friendly to use.

No need to wash, instead of traditional plastic disposable tableware. No need to reuse to avoid cross-infection. Whether in the food delivery industry or other catering industries, attention should be paid to food hygiene issues. Under the current epidemic, we should take precautions and avoid repeated use of tableware.

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