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Why we choose paper straws?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-10-01      Origin: Site

Straws are something that almost everyone will come into contact with frequently, but maybe you have never thought about whether disposable straws are harmful. There are too many pollution hazards in your life that you don’t know about, and they are always hard to prevent.

Common disposable straws include plastic straws and paper straws. There are also some glass straws and steel straws.

Which people prefer to use straws?

One is a child, the other is an elderly person, they are mainly special or weak people, so the straws must be very strict no matter what. The third is a pregnant woman, and the fourth is a lady who pursues beauty. Because the lipstick will stick to the cup, it seems that she is not very celebrity style.

Which people prefer to use straws?

Among the plastic straws that are suitable for daily use, there is a kind of BPA, which is an additive for plastic products, which can be used in chemical products such as plasticizers, antioxidants, heat stabilizers, and coatings. BPA can cause endocrine disorders, affect the health and metabolic disorders of fetuses and children, and may even damage brain tissue and induce cancer.

Since children are the main user group, the material of this group of people is fun and active, without danger awareness, and the hard glass and steel are very easy to dampen themselves or other children when playing.

Where do we use straws?

Disposable straws are good to be used only once and do not need to be cleaned. Therefore, non-disposable straws. Of course, our most important thing is hygiene. When you go to a restaurant and order a drink, you will choose to bring one. Your own straws must be provided by restaurants. The cleaning of straws is a problem. So, do you dare to use non-disposable straws?

Where do we use straws?

Nowadays, disposable plastic straws have been flooded. With the enhancement of the concept of environmental protection and the understanding of the harmfulness of pollutants, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to environmentally friendly non-disposable health straws made of healthy materials. Replace the traditional disposable plastic straws. Especially when we hold parties for children, we will use straws, and more mothers will choose environmentally friendly and healthy paper straws.

Comparison of different straws

Disposable plastic straws are generally made of chemical substances polyethylene and polypropylene. Some unqualified plastic straws are from irregular sources and contain a large number of toxic substances that may cause cancer such as plasticizers.

Only in terms of the material itself, except for disposable plastic, it will not have a bad effect on health, but if the temperature and environment of use, or the use scene, you can see the advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic straws have poor resistance to high temperature, oxidation and abrasion. It may analyze unstable chemicals in high temperature or strong acid environments. For long-term use, the accumulation of health problems cannot be ignored !

There are also some glass and stainless steel straws, which have the hard feeling of metal and glass when sucking them. Do not bite and play. Especially pay attention to safety during use. There is a risk of puncture and injury. They are not suitable for children.

We are Chinese disposable tableware wholesaler. Our disposable biodegradable paper straw are beautiful in appearance, and the patterns support customization. The straws are of good quality and will not become soft or sticky. The price is reasonable and easy to buy. Very clean, hygienic, safe and suitable for children. It is 100% biodegradable, compostable and all natural, so it won't become soft due to soaking. The production process consumes less fossil fuel, and it is environmentally friendly from production to recycling and composting.

disposable biodegradable paper strawpatterns support customization


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